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Patient Testimonials

After many months of agonising discomfort and bad experiences, I left my first consultation with Mr Patel feeling an immense sense of relief – confident that I was in the hands of an expert in his field. Mr Patel actively listened to me, empathised and involved me in the decisions about my care agreeing on a positive way forward with immediate steps for pain relief and planned procedure. I would highly recommend him to patients who need his expertise and care. Lorraine

In the middle of the COVID pandemic it was clear that I would have to wait a number of months to see a consultant in the National Health system and I was able to consult with Mr Amet Patel, about an inguinal hernia within the week. He was very helpful, pointing out that I need not undergo surgery if I did not wish to do, but that the problem would not improve otherwise. It was my choice to undergo keyhole surgery, and Mr Patel carefully explained what was to take place. Again I was amazed that this was to be done within a couple of weeks. The surgery was very easily done. Mr Patel visited me both before and after the day case operation, and explained everything to me. The whole experience was very well arranged and the follow up by the hospital and Mr Patel was again faultless. My thanks to Mr Patel for his excellent work and care. Roger Pitblado.

I was delighted with, and very grateful for, the treatment I received for my inguinal hernia by Mr Patel and all at Droitwich Spa Hospital. The procedure was prompt, efficient, and completely successful and I experienced very little in the way of after effects. I was overwhelmed by the kindness and consideration shown by all. A thousand thanks. S Parker

My treatment with Mr. Patel has been second to none, treatment was carried out efficiently with minimum delay, the treatment was always discussed with me and his professional manner and attention to detail has been wonderful, I felt very confident whilst under his care and would have no hesitation in recommending this surgeon. Mr Clark

I am very pleased with the results of the recent haemorrhoid treatment that I received from my skilled and compassionate surgeon Mr Amit Patel. The RAFAELO procedure used was an ideal method as it did not require a general anaesthetic. I would wholeheartedly recommend this technique which I found to be effective, needed little after care and created minimum discomfort. Unnamed Patient

Mr Patel works with a multi-disciplinary team including radiologists, oncologists and specialist nurses to provide the best possible clinical outcomes. He has expertise in treating patients using the most advanced techniques in bowel surgery including laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery. He also specialises in the treatment of the more common conditions such as haemorrhoids with modern techniques such as the Rafaelo Procedure, Transanal Haemorrhoidal Dearterialisation (THD) and Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy.

Dear Mr Patel. I wanted to say a huge thank you for your skill and care with my recent surgery. I cannot tell you what a difference you have made to my quality of life. Thank you so much, with my very best wishes. Unnamed Patient

Having suffered with painful piles for 2 years. I was desperate to get something positive done to rid me of them. I was previously having treatment in an NHS hospital and before that I paid privately to have banding done as I had previously read that it was a good non-invasive method for getting rid of hemorrhoids. After three unsuccessful treatments of this, I thought that the only way forward would be surgery. Something of which I was really afraid as even my doctor agreed that it would be very painful and would take some time to heal. This was confirmed by other people on the internet and Youtube. But I could see no other option. But then I came across the Rafaelo procedure at Spire hospital Worcester which sounded promising but I could find only one testimonial on it albeit a positive one but the individual was still in recovery and so the mid to long term results were still uncertain to him. As I was so desperate, after consulting my doctor and doing further research on line I took the chance and went for it. I had to go private for this procedure as no nearby NHS hospital was offering it. That was three months ago on( 3rd May 2019). I’m very glad I did and am so grateful to Dr Patel and the staff at Spire as I am now recovering nicely and free of pain. I have been free of piles for over five weeks now. I must caution that it isn’t absolutely painless. Infact it was quite painful and uncomfortable for the first few weeks as the piles had to disappear, but three months on and I have my life back, an absolute relief to me and I would therefore strongly recommend this treatment to anyone who has suffered as I have with painful and persistent hemorrhoids for a significant amount of time, as it is worth every penny. Unnamed Patient undergoing Rafaelo Procedure

I was very pleased with the service, surgery and aftercare I received. The operation was a great success, very happy indeed. Mark McCann

Doctor Patel was amazing. Very caring professional and concidrate. He put my mind at ease and told me everything is going to be ok. And that he will be there for the duration of the opperation and part of my aftercare. I felt as if I was important and Dr Patel took me seriously I wasn’t just another number, That had come into his office that day. I thank everyone that took the time and effort in helping me in my speedy recovery. I honestly wish Dr Patel Good fortune in his work. I’m glad it was no one other then Dr Patel. Qais Ali Altaf